Your Beach Front holiday destination

It's morning, the sunlight filters through your window, you step out onto the balcony and then you see it: the SEA!
It's just in front of you, you've been waiting all winter for a view like this.
The panorama is stunning. Brightly coloured beach umbrellas rest on the golden sands of Gabicce Mare, while the green cliffs of Gabicce Monte, covered in blooming flowers, slope steeply into the Adriatic sea.
Under your balcony a group of ladies get into in their electric car.
Alessandro the lifeguard will accompany them down the slope to the beach, their laughter echoing across the garden...


Everything you could wish for

...a couple is enjoying the morning sun. The man is reading the newspaper while the woman is relaxing on the swing chair. 
The waiter approaches, takes the empty cup from the table and replaces it with a steaming cappuccino. You take a deep breath and inhale the smell of the sea, go back to your room, put on your swimwear and get ready to go down to the Restaurant where an amazing breakfast awaits you.