The perfumes of the sea and the flavours of the countryside

During your holiday at Hotel Palazzi you will enjoy the delicious, hearty dishes which are personally prepared by Chef Oriano.
We offer a variety of different dishes every day, including fish at both lunch and dinner. Everything is prepared using healthy, natural ingredients and a pinch of creativity and fantasy.

At lunch and dinner we prepare a buffet of fresh, tasty vegetable dishes and appetizers which is regularly replenished during the meal.
You can enjoy your meals comfortably seated thanks to our elegant table service and you can browse our wine list to select the perfect accompaniment.


Tasting local products

In order to offer you the best local flavours, every week Hotel Palazzi organizes an evening with typical dishes from the Romagna and Marcheregions, as well as a grilled fish dinner with the lifeguard.
And every Sunday lunchtime, don't leave immediately after the fruit buffet – Chef Oriano's cakes are famous!
You will always find fresh, genuine products, variety and lots of passion.


and celiac disease

Our staff is fully available to support individual needs and is especially experienced in preparing GLUTEN FREE DISHES.
We appreciate if you can inform us of any special dietary requirements in writing at the time of booking in order for us to best prepare for your stay.
We would also like to point out that the structure has only one kitchen (which is not certified as gluten-free), therefore there is always the possibility of cross contamination with foods which contain gluten.