We present our family

HI! It is a pleasure to meet you. We are Elena, Oriano and our little Aurora!
We warmly welcome you to our Hotel Palazzi.

Our family has practically always worked in the hotel sector and it is a job that we are passionate about and gives us so much satisfaction. Thanks to this work we know many people from all over the world and Aurora is full of friends near and far.
Our daughter grew up in hotels, in fact we managed a hotel in Rimini for years (we met many of you there) and for years we lived right in a hotel room.
This is why even now that we lived in Gabicce Mare we continue to "live" the hotel as if it were home, our Staff as if it were "family" and our customers as if they were all "guests of our home".
It is the dimension that we prefer and that we want it to reach your heart. We know that very often we succeed and indeed, it is precisely what characterizes us.

We have always paid particular attention to the little ones. Aurora taught us how important it is to have corners dedicated to the entertainment of children in hotels.
You don't know how many times the play area we had in the hall of our hotel in Rimini saved us while I was busy at the reception and her father was stuck in the kitchen. What memories guys!!
Now in Gabicce, the hotel is much larger and more spacious and we have been able to create 2 play areas: a room entirely dedicated to entertainment and an outdoor area with slides and games suitable for an age group ranging from 3 to 10 years so you parents are free to enjoy a good coffee sitting on the garden swing, like two sweethearts, while they have fun!

On late evening you will probably find me and Oriano in that garden swing enjoying a nice cold beer or a good ice cream... secretly from Aurora... after having put her to sleep... obviously!!
We can't wait to meet you and then we already know that we will be waiting for you every summer!

See you soon
Elena, Oriano and Aurora

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